Call for Participation


You are invited to submit an abstract for possible inclusion in the January 2019 conference: Consciousness in Science. The submission period is from July 2018 to September 2018. All abstract submissions should use the  Abstract Template format and submit it as a PDF here. In case you have any questions, email at

At this conference, we hope to build from this approach and consider how we may encourage, inspire and cooperate with one another to address questions such as, but not limited to:

  • What would science look like from the premise that ‘life comes from life’?

  • How would our understanding of scientific evidence progress if viewed from the axiom that consciousness is the primary form of reality?

  • How do we understand the cosmography of the Bhagavatam?

  • What are the measurable benefits from a sattvik lifestyle and the practices of bhakti-yoga, such as meditation on the maha-mantra?

  • Can the Bhagavatam’s analysis of the various states of matter offer new research and insight for the fields of particle and quantum physics?

  • Can Sankhya concepts of mental functions as the interface between the conscious self and the brain provide a new framework for neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry and philosophy of mind?

  • Can we demonstrate that consciousness offers a hitherto ignored source of input, coordination and integration of information within physical & biological systems?

  • How might we further develop the fields of biology, physics and cosmology from this perspective?

  • What are the possibilities for advances, applications and technologies that might arise in other fields of research, such as medicine, information theory, AI etc?

  • What are the challenges to our propositions? The obstacles to such research? The problems of gaining acceptance?

  • And, what is the potential for linking such a scientific framework with the humanities to address issues of ethics, human values and purpose?

The conference will consist of two main parts:

  1.  Day 1: Plenary presentations of research from the various disciplines presenting perspectives on consciousness.

  2.  Day 2: More intimate group discussions to identify ways to collaborate.

  3.  A poster session will be set up for both days.


Principally, we welcome those who are involved with, or who are being trained to produce, publishable material from various field of science, including physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, psychology, mathematics, computer science, geology etc.  Whether you have a presentation with original research or are just simply curious, we encourage you to come and participate.

Abstract Submission Closed!

Participant Information

Presenting authors are responsible for registration, travel, and hotel costs. “Note: Those with accepted abstracts will receive a promotional code allowing them to register at the early bird rate.”


Abstracts will be compiled and made available to participants. Any presenter who is unable to attend should arrange for another qualified individual to present the paper/poster in question. If such a change is necessary, please notify our conference team. 


The selection committee reserves the right to propose alternative presentation formats as the scope of the final programs requires. If you have any questions please email at